PetZ Money is a virtual pet platform, powered by blockchain technology, that incorporates gamefi elements to incentivize users based on their productivity. It serves as a productivity and time management tool designed to enhance work efficiency. Get ready to interact with super cute virtual pets, collect and breed beautiful and exotic animals, explore the immersive worlds, and customize your avatar! For the first time ever you can own a pet anywhere in the world, as long as you're connected to our petverse. Focus to Earn
A productivity and time management tool to boost work efficiency. Users keep their pet work and earn PGT by completing every task. Users can choose the duration of their short work sessions to optimize the labor division of their intended tasks. Users are also given the option to customize the duration of their short and long breaks as well as the number of working cycles before commencing a long break. The number of PGTs is calculated based on the accumulated amount of time that the users spend on their work.
Create to Earn
Users can register as a creator to customize and mint their own NFT. It will be required to pay minting cost to mint an NFT. The creator can list their unique NFT on the marketplace to earn PGT.