PetZ Gold (PGT)

The PetZ Gold Token serves as both a governance and utility token, granting users access to various governance features and playing a central role in PetZ's focus-to-earn ecosystem. It offers a range of utilities, including leveling up, minting, and facilitating the buying and selling of PetZ NFTs. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency that serves as the backbone of the PetZ ecosystem. PetZ can be stored in a digital wallet, traded on exchanges, or used by smart contracts. It has a limited supply of tokens, making it truly scarce and deflationary.
Token Name
Token Symbol
Token Decimal
Initial Price
Initial Supply
Max Supply
Token Utilities
PGT is the backbone of the PetZ ecosystem. We have carefully designed incentive schemes to increase network effects and demand for PGT and to decrease its circulating supply.
Token Burn
One-third of all fees generated on the PetZ ecosystem will be used for a PGT repurchase until at least half of all PGT are burned. Any PGT bought this way will be burned.
Customers who hold a certain amount of PGT for a period will receive a discount on our products. This will further increase demand for PGT.
PGT will mainly be used to pay for products on our platform. Every time a user buys anything on our platform will gain experience.
PGT holder has the right to vote on issues that govern the development and operations of PetZ.

Token Distribution

30% Public Sale
18% Liquidity Pool
20% Ecosystem
10% Marketing & CEX Listing
6% Airdrop & Rewards
12% Core Team
4% Partnerships & Advisors